How It Works

How it works

Why Lawfecta?

Your hours, how you choose

Your deposit with Lawfecta are your hours to use for any work as you choose.

No hidden fees

Your deposit goes 100% to your work.

Easy to use

Use our online integrated module to easily assign work and track billable time.

Track expenses

Receive online real time billing so you can track expenses effortlessly.

Please check our FAQ section for commonly asked questions or feel free to contact us.

We keep it simple

Why use remote team members? When structural barriers are not present, remote team members can collaborate creatively and effectively across jurisdictions, issues, and time zones to meet the client’s needs head on. The efficiencies and quality gained by having an online approach to meeting challenges faced by legal professionals are far-reaching. We are at the forefront of the issues affecting our clients and are focused on providing groundbreaking, value-driven solutions to enhance their businesses.

01. Sign up.

Sign up for a Free Lawfecta account to view our range of Resumes, which outlines the skills and experience of our expansive collective of team members. No commitment necessary, and we will never disseminate your information. Our services are provided to licensed legal professionals only, and we do require a State Bar number to access our team Resumes. Since our team is remote, you have access to better talent, faster. Once you sign up, you can select your perfect team member or based on what you need, we can match you with the ideal candidate.

02. Discovery call

You wouldn’t hire someone without meeting them first, right? Just like a traditional in-house position, we ensure the team member and attorney have an interview over the phone or via video conferencing. Once we have the ideal candidate selected for your needs, we will set up a call so you can get to know the candidate, clarify expectations, and understand the overall relationship. Just like in house hiring, feeling comfortable with your remote team is important, and good communication is key.

03. Onboarding

At this stage, we will onboard you as a Lawfecta client, including executing agreements, collecting any necessary data, and introducing you to our platform. Onboarding conveys your organizational brand and values, aligns institutional expectations and performance and provides the tools for the team member to successfully assimilate into his or her position with a quicker ramp-up to productivity. We always provide instructional tools and helpful information to guide you to a successful partnership.

04. Get to Work

Our team proves their value quickly and the the benefits our agency offers are unrivaled. Our broad global platform allows us to guide clients through the legal challenges of the ever-changing practice of law with ease. You can effortlessly manage your team in our online module. Assign work as needed, manage finances, correspond with your team, see real time billing, and watch you’re productivity grow!



Have you ever wished there was someone in your corner that was highly knowledgeable, could assist you and ensure your business is running smoothly which would allow you the ability to focus on what you do best and increase revenue? As an attorney and business owner, it’s nearly impossible to meet every demand of your business. You likely wear many hats but at some point, you’ll need to pass these duties off and delegate. This is where the skilled virtual legal team at Lawfecta can help!

We understand the growing demands of entrepreneurs, attorneys and small businesses. We provide senior level virtual Paralegal and Legal Secretary services for growing law firms. Through outsourcing your daily tasks, you gain valuable time and save costs associated with payroll taxes, staff insurance and benefits, equipment and the required space to accommodate in-house employees.

We work tirelessly to help your business meet its goals and objectives. Utilizing a virtual legal team allows you to expand your office flexibly as your needs fluctuate on a project basis. Our virtual legal team members are subject matter experts with years of experience to efficiently complete any task or project. You appreciate it when deadlines are met, phone calls are returned and your challenges are given in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking.

Draft Pleadings



Propound and Respond to Discovery

Legal Research

Manage client files


Index and summarize documents

We have the legal support to help your practice succeed.

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At Lawfecta we are proud of our reputation for delivering first class on-demand staffing solutions for legal professionals. Our expertise in the legal industry ensures the best service and price is sort. We combine a passion for client satisfaction and innovation with a collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work.