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Podium is a multi-product platform that gives businesses and their clients the most convenient experience possible—from reviews to messaging and insights. With Podium, you’ll be able to conveniently manage and respond to every message across multiple channels, all from one platform. Connect with your customers on their favorite channels, whether they started on Facebook, Google, Instagram, text messaging, or even your website. Every interaction from your leads, customers, and team members comes to your Podium Interaction Platform™ so you can respond quickly without jumping from inbox to inbox.

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Foster successful relationships with your clients. Anytime, anywhere. dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings you and your clients together on a deal, transforming and modernizing the deal process. Client relationships are at the core of any law firm and even small transactions require significant client interaction. Whether you have one or many deals on the go, use dealcloser to ensure that each client feels like they’re your priority.

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The Case Status Client Management Platform gives clients
 access to case information through text, app and web so
 that they don’t call or email. Case Status gives your firm the ability to update all of your clients with a single click. Centralize your firm communication across multiple attorneys, case managers and clients. Reduce your time managing clients, so you can focus on being a lawyer.

Connect your essential business tools to Case Status and make it your client control center. Clio, Abacus Next, and many more.

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Conroy Creative Counsel

Web design & digital marketing services, specialized to enhance the reputation and expand the reach of growing law firms. Creating smart, strategic websites for the legal industry and providing clients with insightful marketing strategy to support their goals. Clients enjoy an online presence that displays their expertise beautifully and the increased revenue that flows from the effective promotional strategies they create.

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Time Miner is a retroactive time capture tool that automatically creates time entries for calls, texts, and emails. The only software of its kind, Time Miner goes back and finds billable activity so you don’t have to. Time Miner integrates with popular applications, such as RingCentral, Outlook 365, Gmail, and Clio. Lawfecta members receive more than a 25% lifetime discount on Time Miner.

Time Miner is available on the App Store and Google Play store.

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When firms start using Faster Suite, they typically see an immediate 20-30% increase in billable time capture every single day. Faster Suite includes email management, passive time tracking, document management, PACER Saver, mass document automation, print tracking, scan-to-Clio, split billing, conflict checker, meeting transcriber, request tracker, invoice reminders, Clio document backup, advanced data export and a whole lot more.

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ROSS is a legal research platform that makes your research fast and easy using artificial intelligence. You can focus your research by emphasizing the unique facts of your case. ROSS tags and highlights matching text. Get to your strongest arguments more quickly by identifying cases with the same procedural posture presented by your case. ROSS offers complete collections of United States federal and state cases, federal statutes and regulations, selected state statutes and regulations, administrative decisions from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Patent Trial and Appeal Board and National Labor Relations Board.

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U.S.-based virtual receptionists capture & qualify leads, book new clients, and build better relationships with your existing clients. Lead qualification & intake with CRM integration for complete workflows. Appointment & call-back scheduling, with calendar software integration. Outbound calls: web-form follow-ups, work status updates & appointment reminders. Payment collection, with integration to your credit card processing software. Spam & sales call blocking, call screening & prioritization, plus VIP pass-throughs.

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Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter, your AI-powered assistant. Record and review in real time. Search, play, edit, organize, and share your conversations from any device. Import or sync recordings from other services. Get real-time streaming transcripts and, within minutes, rich, searchable notes with text, audio, images, speaker ID, and key phrases. Share or export voice notes to inform others and get on the same page. Create groups to invite collaborators and keep organized. Because Otter is powered by Ambient Voice Intelligence, it’s always learning. Train Otter to recognize voices, learn special terminology, and help you work and collaborate smarter.

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Reduce support requests and create happier customers. HelpShelf combines all of your support resources into one gorgeous widget and then makes sure that it’s available when it matters the most. HelpShelf connects the support tools and resources you’re already using, and combines them into one single widget. Less clutter in your navigation bar; one single, easy to find destination for your customers to rely upon. Reducing support requests is all about surfacing the right content at the right time. Simply connect the resources your company uses, and HelpShelf will do the rest.

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There is a better way to meet clients online. Improve online client conversations with meeting scheduling + dedicated meeting rooms for each client or project. Schedule appointments and conduct video meetings. Create a shared communication hub for each of your clients. Get creative with whiteboards, cobrowsing and document annotation. 1-click start, no downloads, no frustrations.
Share your screen to guide your client through their legal documents. Make notes in Vectera with your tablet and stylus. Upload and discuss presentations, contracts or any other document or file.

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Outplay is the new-age sales engagement platform and the only tool your sales team will ever need to crush their goals. Reach your prospects wherever they are and start conversations faster with a multichannel communication strategy. Worldwide calling and a ton other dialer features to close deals faster. Log call notes automatically into your CRM. Chat is part of our daily routine and the faster communication channel of all. Now, chat with your prospects when they visit your website and book meetings instantly.

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