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Time Miner goes back and finds billable activity, including calls, texts and emails, and creates time entries for everything you do.

“Show your work.” You have heard it since elementary school. “Show your work so I know you did it.” A lesson in being proactive and transparent, showing your work comes naturally to lawyers. That is, in every respect except for billing.

Attorneys spend hours organizing their briefs, sourcing facts and quotes, and researching and explaining the law. Yet when it comes to billing for the time it took them to do so, many simply wing it. When filling out timesheets for the previous week, month, or even year a majority of attorneys rely on a combination of unreliable methods to account for their time.

Some use their memories of what they did. Others rely on scribbled notes. Some scroll their email or phone logs and find billable time that way. Even attorneys who record their billable activity contemporaneously find their timesheets lacking at the end of the month. “I know I did more than that,” they say.

Time Miner
The problem for attorneys is twofold. First, attorneys are not paid for billable time that never makes it to a bill. The fact is, attorneys are not always paid for time that does make it to a bill, so making sure that all their time is accounted for is key.

Second, attorneys are not given credit for activity that never makes it to a bill. Clients are entitled to know and often like to see all you are doing on their behalf, and transparency regarding your efforts is reassuring, whether you bill for all of them or not.

Time Miner is a retroactive time capture solution that helps attorneys show their work. It goes back and automatically finds time for past billable calls, texts, and emails and gives clients a complete picture of what you did for them.
In addition, at only $12.99 per month, Time Miner is a cost-effective revenue generator for attorneys and other professionals who bill by the hour.
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