Legal Receptionist

Legal Receptionist

Benefits of a Legal Receptionist

Answering Calls

Calls answered by knowledgeable team members who are skilled in legal terminology, and every call is answered with a smile. Our team is able to route calls and send detailed notes.

Scheduling Appointments

Adaptable to different calendaring systems. Our team can easily integrate with your calendaring system and schedule to ensure consultations and meetings are scheduled.


Allowing you the flexibility and ease of mobility whether you’re in a meeting or on the go. Our team can email and text message your calls directly to you for a streamlined chain.


We hold strict confidentiality agreements for each team member. Our team has worked in law firms and are trained in a law firm policies and protocol.


Have an experienced and skilled team member acquire intake information, enter new case info and generate the necessary requests to potential clients for further information.

One Receptionist

One dedicated team member available during your specified time schedule to answer calls on demand. Your caller gets the same person, every time.

Stop losing money from missed business calls

Every missed call is a missed potential client

That can add up to a lot of missed opportunities to serve clients when they need it most. When a potential or existing client calls your practice, they want to talk to someone who can help. You can ensure they have someone knowledgeable in the legal industry available when they call when you use a Lawfecta Legal Receptionists. Our receptionists have worked in law firms for more than 10 years. They have the experience necessary to effectively assist your clients, while sounding professional and courteous. We work tirelessly to help your business meet its goals and objectives.

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An extension of your business

Set your practice apart with a skilled and knowledgeable legal receptionist

Losing the ability to communicate with your customers for even a few hours, or worse one whole day, can be devastating to a business. Have you ever wished there was someone in your corner that was highly knowledgeable, could assist you and ensure your business is running smoothly which would allow you the ability to focus on what you do best and increase revenue? We are ready to answer your calls whenever you’re unavailable. Unlike an in-house receptionist, you only pay for the time when you need us! We have a passion for helping businesses grow and a gift for making people smile.

Incoming Calls

Transfer Calls

Screen Calls

E-mail Messages


Outbound Calls

Live Intake

Relay Messages

Take Confidence in Our Team


We extensively interview all applicants and evaluate their skills, experience, and substantive knowledge and ensure they have at least ten years of relevant experience.

Background Checks

We have strict hiring guidelines prior to joining our team. We conduct background checks on all Team Members that go back seven years, except where prohibited by law.

Reference Checks

All Team Members are required to provide extensive references which we contact directly and verify positions, legal experience, job duties, as well as other relevant information.


All Team Members are required to execute a contract prior to joining Lawfecta. Our contract are in place to protect attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.

Legal Receptionist Pricing

You pay a flat monthly fee for your selected Team Member to be on call during your selected business hours, and deposit an hourly retainer for billable calls. Each Legal Receptionist is also a skilled Legal Secretary whom can work against your hourly retainer on additional projects, if needed. Read more about how our service works or check out our FAQ section for any questions you may have.

8 hours per day

Monday - Friday
    • Plus the cost of billable time
    • 3 month minimum commitment
    • One time set up fee $100.00
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We have the legal support to help your practice succeed.

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