Growing Your Law Practice Using Virtual Staff

There’s a new way to practice law, and it’s quickly becoming a hot trend, particularly for solo attorneys and small legal practices. It’s known as the virtual law firm. For some, this means an Internet-based legal practice with brick-and-mortar offices throughout the U.S. for others; it means virtual paralegals, legal secretaries, and assistants available on demand with no fixed locations. It’s easy to see why so many legal practices are turning to virtual staff; the advantages are numerous.

How to Use Virtual Legal Staff

The use of virtual paralegals, legal secretaries, or assistants allows you to streamline your legal practice by having professionals at hand whenever you need them. It also means that you only pay for these services when you use them, so if your business tends to ebb and flow, you can rely on your virtual team during your busiest times.

There are three types of virtual legal staff:

Virtual paralegal: A virtual paralegal is an experienced professional who can help you with specific projects such as client intake, pleadings, law and motion drafting, due diligence matters, legal research, summarizing depositions and testimony, and locating and interviewing witnesses.

Virtual legal secretary: A virtual secretary can help you with specific matters such as drafting legal documents, taking phone calls, answering client questions, managing social media, marketing management, maintaining schedules, and ordering supplies.

Virtual assistant: A virtual assistant can make your legal profession much easier because you can outsource tasks that would otherwise take up time that you need to use for practicing the law. Virtual assistant tasks include booking appointments, answering emails, transcription, preparing slideshows, managing your blog, file management, and database building.

Virtual staff can benefit you, as an attorney, by handling day-to-day tasks and taking care of customer service, so that none of this interferes with your legal work. If you’re a solo attorney or part of a small legal firm, virtual staff are ideal because they are efficient and cost-effective.


Client Attraction and Retention Benefits

As a solo attorney or small legal firm, you need to adopt as many strategies as you can to attract, engage, and retain clients. Using virtual staff can optimize your service and attract more paying clients.

Extend your reach: A virtual law firm makes it easier to extend the reach of your practice, whether you want to expand within the state where you are licensed to practice, or you wish to expand throughout the United States with your areas of legal specialism.

Widen your areas of expertise: Utilizing virtual team members who handle different areas of law enables you to expand your law practice. This gives you the opportunity to draw more clients who are seeking different areas of expertise.

Capture millennial clients: Millennial’s comprise a large section of potential clients. They are web-savvy and used to using the internet for everything from entertainment to banking, communication to shopping. It makes sense that they would seek legal help online. A virtual legal practice means you are ready for them when they come.

Communicate instantly: When prospective clients connect with your website, it’s vital that you respond straight away. Otherwise you risk losing a prospect. The internet provides an unmatchable means of rapid communication so that you can engage clients one-on-one as and when they need you, which means you can convert prospects to clients almost instantaneously. Virtual staff can be on hand to respond to all your prospective clients’ communications.

Provide useful tools: These days, there is such a wide range of digital applications available that you can provide clients with valuable legal information at their fingertips. For example, you could offer a child support calculator or a downloadable booklet explaining wrongful termination. Such tools help to engage clients while demonstrating your legal expertise. Virtual staff can help you implement these tools.

Financial Benefits

If you are a solo attorney or part of a small legal firm, your budget is necessarily limited. This means that every dollar you spend has to have a good ROI. Using virtual staff for your legal practice has several economic benefits.

Cut your overheads: When you embrace virtual staffing for your legal practice, you won’t have to pay salaries, workers compensation, and benefits. You can hire virtual staff per project, or with a flexible retainer, so you only pay for the work you need to be done. This creates significant relief from your financial burden.

Minimize real estate costs: With virtual staffing, you can minimize your office space, or even work from your home office. Because you don’t need to set up an extensive office, you don’t have to pay for expensive real estate.

Increase profit margins: Implementing virtual legal professionals, not only increases your efficiency, but it also increases your profit margins. For example, you could use a virtual paralegal to help you research a complicated legal case, which will save you time and money.

For solo attorneys and small law firms, growing your practice using virtual staff means you can extend your reach with minimum overheads. At Lawfecta, we can help you optimize your legal practice by offering wider flexibility teaming with remote workers versus in-house staff. We can provide weekend and out-of-hours coverage. When you sign up with us, you can avoid paying all those extra charges that go along with in-house staff, such as payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, and benefits. Whether you’re looking for virtual paralegals, legal secretaries, or virtual assistants, at Lawfecta we have them all. Our team is comprised of highly vetted and experienced professionals who are able to handle projects efficiently in a timely manner. Contact us today and let our trusted team help your legal practice grow.

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