The Benefits of Using a Virtual Receptionist

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Brick and mortar companies with complete in-house teams have been the standard for businesses since the beginning, but advances in technology now allow us to operate in virtual office environments, which has its own set of unique professional benefits. The virtual office is a modern money-saving solution that tackles all the traditional business needs using a combination of remote employees and comprehensive tech tools.

A virtual receptionist proves to be one of the most advantageous of any virtual office role as they can deliver unique flexibility, traditional and non-traditional services, and save a company large sums of money over time.

Benefit from the Flexibility of Remote Workers

When hiring receptionists, companies may find that local candidates fail to meet expectations or else companies are unable to staff individuals that pair appropriately with their business’ needs. Alternatively, businesses may require employees who can work outside the typical 9-5 timeframe and are unable to find qualified candidates to do so. The solution is a virtual receptionist who can meet needs outside of the confines of traditional operational hours.

Virtual receptionists can provide round-the-clock support depending on the schedule determined by leaders, as many are available to perform duties past typical 9-5 parameters. Industry leading virtual receptionists offer 24/7 contact (such as live chat features) to keep an open line of communication between businesses and receptionists at all times. This unique flexibility ensures businesses can keep in touch with clients and customers even after most establishments close.

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Pay for Only the Minutes You Use

One of the most outstanding benefits of a virtual receptionist is their cost-effectiveness. Instead of employing a full-time team member to appear in-office at a minimum of 40 hours per week, a virtual receptionist can work as needed and will only charge for the time spent delivering services to a company. This is especially resourceful for new or smaller companies who don’t yet have a need for designated full-time receptionists, but who nevertheless require frequent reception.

Receive Both Traditional and Supplementary Business Services

Virtual receptionists through credible providers are able to deliver all of the traditional reception needs for your business. This means they can direct callers to appropriate resources, transfer callers to other office personnel, provide directions to physical offices, answer typical caller questions, and schedule appointments in addition to more specialized tasks. For example, a quality provider is likely to offer language services to assist bilingual clients more efficiently, broadening a company’s customer reach in the end.

Virtual receptionists deliver all the tools for success that an in-house employee provides and more without compromising professionalism, privacy, or security. What’s more, virtual receptionists can boost availability and credibility as a reliable extension of your company.

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