5 ways a Virtual Assistant can ramp up your law firm marketing

5 ways to ramp up your law firm marketing with a Virtual Assistant

Attorneys and law firms need to focus on the world of online marketing, otherwise they are missing out on a large pool of potential clients. A Virtual Assistant well versed in the legal profession can help improve marketing efforts. As technology progresses, the business development activities for your online presence becomes increasingly more important to acquire new clients. Did you know the first position on Google search results on desktop has a 34.36% clickthrough rate and on mobile has a 31.35% clickthrough rate. This is where the power of digital marketing comes into play. If you have not focused on your online marketing efforts, you are missing out on a large amount of prospects.
The first position on Google search results on desktop has a 34.36% clickthrough rate and on mobile has a 31.35% clickthrough rate. Click To Tweet
Unfortunately, many attorneys and firms do not have the time to focus on the marketing aspect of their business which leads to loss of potential revenue. It seems that many business owners fail to take the leap in using a virtual assistant because they are unsure of the benefits, or what they can outsource in the first place. One of the biggest reasons why business owners continue to struggle to grow their businesses is because they attempt to wear too many hats. You can’t be both the owner and manager of your business as well as your most dedicated employee. It doesn’t work, there’s not enough hours in the day and leads to burnout. Having the right virtual assistant can help you save time and money, or what we call buying back your time.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

The terms virtual assistant and virtual secretary can be used interchangeably. You’ve heard the stories, whether good or bad, about people commonly hiring virtual assistants for cheap overseas. These are “general assistants,” meaning they have no formal training in one dedicated area.


So what’s the benefit of hiring a Lawfecta virtual assistant? Our team consists of “skilled assistants” because they have worked in law firms and have the required skillset already at hand without the need for added extensive training. They have the necessary skills to perform high functioning law firm tasks, as well as a variety of administrative, marketing and general office duties. Further, we have extensive marketing guides for our staff to use to ensure the proper task can be handled for maximum online presence awareness. You get a substantial bang for your buck, and you see a ROI almost immediately.


So how can a Lawfecta virtual secretary take your marketing efforts to the next level? We have extensive, and comprehensive guides to ensure prime optimization to marketing efforts when handled by our Virtual Assistants. This work can often be tedious and time consuming, and if done incorrectly, can severely damage your ranking in search engines.

1. Online profile set up and optimization


  • Allows your client to get to know you and your practice prior to engagement.
  • Places you in a directory to come up when a local potential client is searching for an attorney.
  • Provides a link back to your website which helps gain a higher rank in search engines.
With more tools available online than ever before, clients can now extensively interview you before ever initiating contact. Having accurate and detailed information available for potential clients to review on popular platforms helps boost your trustworthiness and increases your chances of a potential client contacting your office. One such platform, AVVO, is becoming the leading platform for client search queries. Having an optimized profile can grow your online rating within the AVVO system, allowing you a further reach for clients. AVVO provides a “badge” you can place on your website which displays your AVVO ranking, and can improve website authority. Other such platforms that can benefit your marketing practice include Super Lawyers and Justia.

2. Local citation set up and clean up


  • Google will reference directories and local listings sites to find out more about a business, which gives your website more authority in ranking.
  • If you have key business information listed accurately and consistently across the web, then you are more likely to be viewed as an authoritative site by Google.
  • Businesses can gain more local authority by getting listed on sites that are prevalent in their local area.


How important are Accurate Citations to local search ranking?
Source: Brightlocal.com


Did you know that having consistent and correct citations is mandatory for any successful local search engine optimization (SEO) campaign? 86% of local SEO experts say quality of citations is more important that quantity of citations according to a survey conducted by Bright Local. Having your business in online citations is very important to your local SEO efforts, as this immensely impacts your online presence to show up in local search engines and rank high in searches. A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. They can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. It is crucial for local businesses to manage their many citations on the web for accuracy. Some citation directories vastly improve your search rankings, including, but not limited to, FindLaw, AVVO, Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Bing Places.


Equally as important as setting the citations up, is ensuring you do not have any inconsistent listings. Continuously auditing and cleaning up inconsistent citations increases your rank on Google. Although there are multiple tools available on the market to audit your citations, correcting the issues manually can take countless hours to ensure they meet the guidelines that increase your search rank. Using a Virtual Assistant buys your time back so you can focus on billable hours or other avenues to generate revenue for the business.

3. Content marketing


  • Content marketing encompasses many different aspects, including infographics, videos, blogs, E-Books, and other shareable media.
  • Visual content creation is known to enagage more users and keep audiences on pages longer, reducing bounce rates.


Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Buffer, 2014)
Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Buffer, 2014)


The world of content marketing is a complex world, with companies leveraging resources on every level to achieve the most competitive advantage. High-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your blog for search. You must invest in quality content, not just one-off or singular tactics.  The best way to optimize your content is to commit to useful and consistent content that encourages people to comment, share, and link back to it. This involves dedication, time and effort which can provide you with big wins if done consistently and efficiently.


With any good business strategy, developing a content marketing plan can keep you on task to maximize your online marketing efforts. Unfortunately, SEO and content marketing changes rapidly to suit the requirements of major search engines. Using a Virtual Assistant to research trends and best practices in content marketing can give you a leg up on the competition. Use this information to determine what your major content offerings will be.
The best way to optimize your content is to commit to useful and consistent content that encourages people to comment, share, and link back to it. Click To Tweet
Once you’ve determined what content offerings you will be using, utilize your Virtual Assistant to develop a robust editorial calendar to maximize your marketing efforts. When your entire strategy is on one calendar, you allow yourself to keep organized, focus on deadlines, and be more productive overall in your marketing efforts. Just like we do when working case files – maintaining your calendar is crucial in the legal field, and developing and maintaining your calendar for your marketing efforts are just as important.

4. Blogging as part of your content marketing approach


  • Blogging is considered a form of inbound marketing.
  • Improves your SEO presence online which builds authority in search rankings.
  • Blog content can be found via search, and distributed and amplified content.
According to a study conducted by Hubspot, companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts. Think about that, 3.5X more traffic. This is the benefit of having good, shareable and knowledgeable content.  More traffic equals more potential clients. So why not open the floodgates?


Although as legal professionals we write a lot (complaints, motions, briefs, and lots more fun documents. FUN right?!), the legal writing style does not translate well into publications for the masses. You have exactly 3 seconds to catch your readers attention before they bounce off of your page. You read that right, 3 seconds. The internet has a allowed us to browse freely and fast, which also makes engaging audiences much harder.


Content marketing has become a key piece in local marketing efforts. A good blog has structure, appliable knowledge and builds your credibility. This takes research, time and expertise. Fielding out and interviewing a great freelance copywriter is time consuming, but worth the headache in the long run. Quality, engaging content establishes your branding in potential leads minds, which then convert to potential clients.


Even with a great copywriter, your job doesn’t stop there. As we previously said, a good blog that has structure, appliable knowledge and builds your credibility means well researched topics. You need to supply the research so your copywriter is well informed. Your Virtual Assistant can research topics of interest and collect the necessary data. Our team comes from a legal background and possesses the analytical approach to filter good content versus bad content with minimal instructional guidance.


Content marketing isn’t just about production, but also about performance. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your brand into a legal content powerhouse of the future in your local community – today?

5. Social media management


Social media can be leveraged in a variety of ways to improve your online web presence and your content marketing strategy. Social media success is largely weighed by posting frequency. Infrequent posts allows your audience to forget you exist, and over posting can make your audience view you as a nuisance, and dare I say, unfollow you. Luckily, studies and research has already been conducted to answer the question on best posting practices. Some highlights and best practices include:
  • Facebook: 1 post per day.
  • Twitter: 15 Tweets per day.
  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day.
  • Google+: 2 posts per day.
  • Instagram: 1-2 posts per day.
That adds up to 21 engagements across social platforms per day.




To further complicate things, there is a recommended time schedule for posting on each platform based on the average user to maximize engagement. Again, another time suck.


In addition, when users engage you on social platforms, whether it be comments or messages, they expect a response rapidly.  Remember, there are countless other law firms whom may be readily available to assist them on their social media pages, leading to a potential client for them, and a loss for you.


Along with assisting you in setting up your editorial calendar, a Virtual Assistant can engage your audience and meet deadlines.This keeps your firm relevant, and maintains awareness and engagement. You always have to be prepared to shift as your market shifts, as technology grows and evolves, so too will the best ways to interact with your ideal clients. Where others lack, you can excel.

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