Paralegal Services

Paralegal support


Paralegals are integral members of small to mid-sized firms, assisting attorneys in substantive legal work product. Our Paralegals have strong work ethics, exceptional problem solving skills and are comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic setting. Our Paralegals bring a wealth of knowledge and efficiency to the table. Paralegals deal and client teams, and work closely with  attorneys to deliver preeminent client services. Typical tasks involve document drafting, organization and review, legal research, assistance with due diligence matters, and the general support of attorneys and staff members.


What can we do for you?


  • Prepare and file documents with exceptional organization and precision.
  • Organize, manage and update client files/pleadings.
  • Cite Checks, Blue Books and proofreads pleadings, briefs and other documents as required.
  • Coordinate and prepares legal teams for client meetings, hearings, arbitrations and/or trials.
  • Assists with preparing documents for production and witness files to be used at depositions or trial.
  • Perform research in various databases and assists with creation of research memos.
  • Assist with the creation and maintenance of case chronologies.
  • Index and summarizes documents and depositions.
  • Coordinate discovery and/or filings with courts or government agencies.
  • Perform legal and factual research.
  • Any other project that you need assistance with.


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